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At its most basic level, blessedness is the place of human flourishing. Psalm 1 paints the picture of a firmly rooted tree, strong and vibrant, doing what it was created to do, prospering in everything. This is blessedness.

Blessedness is not wrong to desire, but the problem with people is we don’t understand what it is or how to get there. Often times people work very hard to get to a place they consider good, only to be disappointed and disillusioned when they arrive. These people mistook what it was. Or even worse, people do diabolical things to gain the offerings of the world but in turn lose their soul. These people missed the proper route.

The Psalmist illuminates us. If it could be boiled down to one essential virtue: blessedness is reached by proximity to God. Or even blessedness is proximity to God. It is discovered by meditation on God’s Word. It can never be won by partnership with ungodly philosophies or rebellious means (sin). It is the byproduct of knowing God and becoming a doer of His will. All of which are thoroughly mapped out in the Bible.

There you will find that God has gone through great lengths to bless us. Even our most prescious blessing, Jesus, was offered to us as a free gift. Delight in it; meditate on it.

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