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The First Civil Disobedience

Exodus 1:15-21. The first recorded act of civil disobedience in the Bible presents for us the justification of all true civil disobedience: there is a greater law than the law of Kings. There is a true justice; a standard by which all things measure, and a morality as firm as nature and nature’s God. No law in conflict with the higher law can be legitimate. And, in disobeying illegitimate laws you honor God.

How fitting that the first lesson in limits to human power is a pro-life one. After all, if there is any ethical maxim, is it not that life is good and sacred? If there is any pure evil in the world, is it not the wickedness of man to destroy an innocent child, incapable of deserving harm or even defending his or herself? These truths are the bedrock of morality. They are as natural as they are divine. You do not need an affirmation from God to confirm this knowlege, it’s axiomatic. It’s written on the heart. It’s observed in universal logic.

The death decree (Roe vs Wade) has fallen, but have you ever read it? The justification for the death of 70,000,000 children over fifty years was sand. They called it “privacy.” I call it darkness. A darkness of the heart and mind.

But now a little light has shown on the illegitimate law and it has been officially outed as logically bankrupt. What we need now is light on the darkness of the American heart. But like pharaoh, our hearts are hard. My fear is that our nation would rather intentionally swallow poison than recognize the wisdom of the midwives. But whether our nation perseveres or implodes, the greater law remains immutable.

Let the wisdom and defiance of the slave midwives lead to a multiplied and mighty people and an established nation. Join me this Saturday for the 12th annual San Diego Walk For Life at Waterfront Park- 9am. I will once again be MC. See you there ♥️ ☮️ 🇺🇸 👶


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