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We are a Bible believing church. Everything we believe, teach, and practice as a church comes from the Bible. We believe the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, authoritative, Word of God. The Bible contains all the knowledge necessary for a person to be reconciled back to God and all the knowledge necessary to know how to live a good and God-pleasing life. 


We are a Gospel centered church. We believe what the Bible teaches as a whole, that the main mechanism for change in the world is through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is that work that frees us from destroying ourselves, destroying the world, and most importantly, from God's judgment. We recognize that we have all walked away from God, but He graciously has made a way for us to return through Jesus Christ.


We are a Spirit filled church. We believe what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit of God. Namely, that the Holy Spirit changes God's people into new creation, reshaping our hearts and recalibrating our inner compass towards God. We believe the Holy Spirit works in us to desire goodness and godliness and that He will develop our good nature like fruits on a tree. And we believe the Holy Spirit gifts us with power so we can encourage each other and accomplish God's will. 


We are a community serving church. We believe what the Bible teaches about creating healthy families and cherishing them. We believe as taught in the Bible, that we should speak the truth to our community in love and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We believe that all people were made in the image of God and are valuable to God regardless of skin tone, cultural background, or prior errors in their life. We believe that God calls us to be strong stewards of our community and nation. 

Coastlands Community Church

3552 College Ave.,

San Diego, CA 92115

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