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The Narrow Path

The secret to the narrow road is the beauty and peace of divine company. A narrow road is rarely safe. The entrance is sometimes just a small crease off the main path- or an old gate rusted shut; yet a keen eye will spot it. There will be a cost to choosing it- you’ll miss the clamor of the group. You’ll have to duck branches and scale rocks.

But there is a deep beauty to the lesser way. Like a secret wood or a virgin beach. There is an inner wealth generated by walking with God. I can barely describe it. To be under the tutelage of your creator, to take in the pure love and guidance of the Holy Spirit, to meet each day with destiny in your walk, to meditate on the promises of the Source. Yes God. How I love you and how I love your path.

The gate is the work of Jesus- His Gospel has laid forth a path for whose who have eyes to see. It leads to life the way it was meant- with clarity and fullness. Those who find it will never miss the common path; the horse dung, commotion, and the raiders.

God I love you.

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