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Religious Monsters

Religious monsters. I’ve met them, you’ve met them: always either depressed/not good enough or massively prideful, comparing, and fake- always trying to keep up the image of perfection (Luke 18). These monsters didn’t come from nowhere and neither is any Christian safe from becoming one.

This is why it’s vital that we preach the Gospel directly and Biblically. Jesus isn’t saving you from a bad life, He’s saving you from God’s punishment for living a bad life against His law and will. Your life very well may become better after conversion (in a free environment) but that’s a byproduct of affirming the moral law of the Creator. It’s not your own good actions that save you, that’s a low view of God that you could impress Him or a high view of yourself that you could reach Him. Understanding the Gospel rightly will dig out those roots of pride or illusion that disfigure our faith and make us para-religious monsters.

Another big truth I find neglected in teaching the Gospel is the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s the Holy Spirit who indwells you at the first little mustard seed of faith you have. And what a powerful work He does in changing a cold and calloused heart of stone into a living and loving heart of flesh. The whole compass of your being is then transformed into one that wants to love and please God (Phil. 2:13), though you may be bad at it at first.

Thank you God for your Son, Jesus and the work of your Holy Spirit in us. We can truely take no credit. You are good. Keep us from becoming religious monsters and teach us to put the Gospel at the center of our hearts. ❤️🙏

-Pastor Jake

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