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Jesus Revolution

This movie moved me. I consider myself a product of the Jesus movement. So many of those who have guided me and loved me came from this touch of God. I watched and held back tears most of the time- some points I just wanted to kneel in the theatre and pray.

It’s hard to discern why I took it so emotionally, but two things continually came to mind:

1. God, do it again! Like Abraham pleaded for Sodom and Gomorrah, I feel acutely aware of God’s immanent judgment over our nation. Every day I watch the evil increase. I look at what is happening here and I know- all Christians know- God will judge the wicked, and the judgment will be great. But I know God is merciful. So, I plea for an act of redemption to once again captivate the hearts of the lost. Lord have mercy. Lord grant us repentance like you once did to my father’s generation.

2. God let not my heart become hard. How can I not be hard when I see what they do to children. They mutilate them, they bold face lie to them, they kill them joyfully. Our government steals from us- we ideologically colonize the world with wickedness. Even tyranny has a moral high ground as the Taliban and Russia rightly point out how confused and evil our people and rulers have become. It’s insane.

Yet I pray. God help me to not become hard. Please help me to love and pray for the wicked. Help me to show mercy and compassion to those undeserving. Help me to see the glimmer of your reflection in mankind- even at their worst. And please help me be prepared and discerning if you mercifully call forth a new revival instead of justly destroy us. Don’t let me grow cold.

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