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Happy Juneteenth

"Happy Juneteenth!

Don't forget, slave laws and anti-literacy laws occurred simultaneously. They aimed not only to enslave individuals physically but also to subjugate their minds. Slave states were terrified of slaves learning to read, particularly when it came to texts like the Bible and the Constitution.

Nowadays, it appears the US education system is being used to re-enslave minds, categorizing individuals into a 'Victim' class and a 'Victor' class. The objective seems to be to use class warfare to dismantle functional systems that, while good, don't meet an idealized vision. Equity idealists push Marxism, which invariably leads to state-enforced servitude.

Equity is both impossible and subjective. It might promise a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house for all, but inevitably, everyone would end up with the same house in a different location. Some might be closer to the beach, others nearer to stores or higher up a hill. Equity is fundamentally impossible because it presumes that everyone values the same things equally. This is the mechanism of class warfare: it categorizes people into classes and incites them to wreak havoc, all under the assumption that the government will make a better guardian.

How is this agenda being advanced today? Well, we're seeing articles with absurd claims such as:

- Math is racist

- Punctuality is racist

- Rationality is racist

- Objective truth is racist

- Black people can't be racist

Because equity is subjective, it essentially embodies a 'glass-half-empty' philosophy that focuses on what's missing rather than what's present. It overlooks the fact that capitalism often increases both the size of the 'glass' and the amount of 'water' within.

There are powerful figures who seem intent on dismantling the black family, viewing educated, conservative black men as threats to their system. They recognize that if we refuse to adopt a victim mentality, they can't manipulate us with government handouts and vague notions of equity idealism."

It is the governments job to EQUALLY protect it’s citizens and ensure basic freedoms and equal treatment under the law regardless of class. While desiring a more equitable world is not a bad thing, the means to creating one is not to pursue equal outcomes, but equal opportunities.

This Juneteenth fight to make sure your kids get the education they need !

-Pastor Coral Cook III

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