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Darkness Was Not Created

Darkness. Interesting to note that darkness was not created, but it is identified. It’s the state of being before any light- the first state. In the same way emptyness is the state before filling and nothing is the state before something. All these represent the state of things apart of creation.

Ignorance is the state of the mind before wisdom. Leave the mind alone and you will be ignorant. Act on ignorance and you may just become a fool. Think and learn; work in your mind and you will become wise.

Poverty is the state of life before wealth. Neglect to act and you will be poor. Act in poverty and you may be considered a sluggard or even a thief. Work and earn; generate something good and you will become wealthy.

Futility is the state of being before purpose. Ignore the Creator and you will be purposeless. Act on purposelessness and you will be insincere, empty, nihilistic. Seek God and your purpose will be revealed.

-Pastor Jake

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